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Catering Services

We provide catering to many int. companies operating in Yemen, We are working to find program meals healthy and delicious.

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Our Services

Catering Services

We have well established links & connections with local & international suppliers and manufacturers to provide and supply Oil & Gas companies with all type of materials, tools, spare parts, goods etc., to run their business smoothly, either by delivering to their sites or head offices, or to the company’s respective international points of collection or as per the company’s directives.


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Our Catering Services

Raydan Trust provides catering services to many international companies operating in Yemen.

We are working with the client to find program meals healthy and delicious for the company on the basis of high quality food as part of our health and safety compliance as well as our quality assurance standers.

Our company supplies companies and oil fields with food, pure drinking water, juices, meat, fish, vegetables transported in all type of refrigerators from Ton to 15 tons.

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