Our Services

Logistic Services

We have a number of light & heavy equipment provided with or without operators. We are able to move your shipments to any location.

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Our Services

Logistic Services

We have well established links & connections with local & international suppliers and manufacturers to provide and supply Oil & Gas companies with all type of materials, tools, spare parts, goods etc., to run their business smoothly, either by delivering to their sites or head offices, or to the company’s respective international points of collection or as per the company’s directives.


Contracting & Oilfield Services

Raydan Trust has a number of light and heavy equipment provided with or without driver/operators. We are able to move your shipments to any location in Yemen and abroad.

Our equipment includes:

Tracking units for different-picker trucks, cranes, forklifts, Hi-up loading trucks, drilling rigs tracking unit, tanks for fuel and water. Raydan Trust can also provide 20Ft trucks, Dynas, vehicles, land cruiser, pickup, etc.

Trucks, Cranes, Dozers and Backhoes


Contracting & Oilfield Services

Our truck and crane services provide cranes, bed trucks, and winch trucks to move work-over rigs, drilling rigs and other equipment. Experienced truck drivers specialized in loading, hauling and setting most types of equipment, large or small.


Licensed crane operators operate 60- to 90-ton cranes as well as 18- to 33-ton cherry pickers for projects ranging from the erection of pumping units to setting bridge beams.


Licensed dozer operators operate different sizes of bulldozers D-8 to D-10 as well as Kumatsu 85 to 155 and wheel-dozers.


Licensed Backhoe operators operate different types of Backhoes and side booms.


Contracting & Oilfield Services
Equipment Rental

Oil & Gas fields equipment changing daily. Whether you need a simple trailer or excavating equipment such as backhoes, loaders, graders and dozers, we can meet your growing demands.

Our rental fleet includes the following:


Contracting & Oilfield Services
Well Supervision

Producing wells always require a watchful eye. Our experienced well-site supervisors oversee the drilling, completion and upkeep of each oil well.

They also supervise the construction of tank batteries and building pipelines for gas or oil gathering. You can rely on our well-site supervisors to meet all your well-site management and maintenance needs.


Our pipeline crews are experienced and have the equipment to lay pipe through any type of terrain. Most of the pipeline high pressure steel pipes activities involve small diameters, low pressure, poly or fiberglass flow lines and gathering lines.

Our pipeline services are predominantly rendered on small to medium jobs, which range from one to two weeks, though we occasionally engage in larger projects.

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